Dubai Sand Dunes

Dubai Sand Dunes

Exciting and adventurous tour of Dubai Sand Dune Surfing. Embark on the golden sand dunes of Dubai this season! Destination: Big Red sand dunes.

Head off-road with Dune Buggy Dubai to discover the thrills of the desert. You can find activities to suit whatever level of adventure you crave. The Morning Dune Buggy Safari features an early bird hour-long ride in your own open buggy.

If you're looking for more, try the Evening Desert Safari. Here, you'll go dune bashing in a brand new Land Rover. After the drive, you'll sit down for live entertainment consisting of a traditional dance show. Food, beverages and henna painting enhance the experience with sand boarding and camel riding available to keep the excitement going until late at night.


The Overnight Dune Buggy brings the Evening Desert Safari to the next level, stretching the events from 3pm to 9.30am the next day. You'll experience traditional Arabic hospitality as you join the Bedouin campsite and sleep under the peaceful, starlit desert sky. And if you're not up for dune buggying, you can always enjoy a camel trek or quad biking through the desert.

Origin of Sand Dunes

The origin of sand dunes is very complex, but there are three essential prerequisites:

•    An abundant supply of loose sand in a region generally devoid of vegetation (such as an ancient lake bed or river delta)
•    A wind energy source sufficient to move the sand grains
•    A topography whereby the sand particles lose their momentum and settle out. Any number of objects, such as shrubs, rocks or fence posts can obstruct the wind force causing sand to pile up in drifts and ultimately, large dunes.

Experience This Dune Buggy Dubai Ride With Us

Dubai is situated midway between Europe and America, which makes it a premium travel hub for both tourists and businessmen. Travelers to Dubai experience a wide variety of tours and excursions which include off-road adventures, water sports and aerial activities. There is something to do for everyone in Dubai!

The most spoken-about outing in Dubai is the desert safari Dubai. It is a white-knuckling adventure in the desert. Your trip to Dubai is incomplete without this adventure in the Dubai desert. At we provide you with the best services and hand-picked tours to explore.

What is a dune buggy?

Dune buggies are approx. 750cc and have been customized to ride in the Dubai desert with a complete roll cage, bucket seats and safety harness. The dune buggy Dubai is for those seeking thrill and adventure in the desert.